Barcode Secrets – The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Barcode Secrets – Something a little different that makes the perfect gift to celebrate that important anniversary date or send someone a secret message. Combining the beauty of 3D wood wall art with the upcycling trend we have created a unique and visual way to remember important dates or share some special words
The sizes shown are approximately 34cm x 80cm and 120cm x 40cm and consists of 43 or 63, for the larger piec, individually cut, sanded and hand painted pieces of reclaimed wood representing any date, year or even word(s) you should wish for. Pictures can be finished with acryllic paints for a sharp clean image or with wood dyes and stains to highlight the natural grain – alternatively colours can be used instead of the traditional black and white if desired. It can be hung vertically or horizontally and is finished with a varnish for protection. All pictures can be scanned by barcode readers on you mobile device to reveal their secret. Names and words are also possible rather than dates and a frame could be added if desired
To discuss alternative sizing or colouring please click ‘contact’ and send us a message with your requirements as we are happy to work with you to create your unique work of art.

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