Cores do Algarve

3D Wood Wall Art – The Cores do Algarve (Colours of the Algarve) range has been designed to recreate the colourful images one would experience whilst travelling through the Iberian peninsula giving you a visual reminder of your Portuguese adventure. Focusing on orange and lemon groves contrasting with the deep blue Algarve skies and white waters of the West coastal seas it combines the beauty of wood wall art with the upcycling trend to create a unique and visual way to remember those magical days in the sun.

The size is approximately 34cm x 80cm. Each piece has been cut, sanded and hand painted using acrylics, dyes and stains. It can be hung vertically or horizontally and is finished with a matt varnish for protection. Whilst each piece is unique due to the woods and colour combinations we recommend hanging two pieces close to one another for maximum effect and would aim to create matching if not identical pieces in this case

If you require specific colours for your needs or alternative sizing please click ‘contact’ and send your requirements and I’ll get back to you to discuss further.


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